Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast.  In real life they didn’t live happily ever after.  A very sad conclusion to what for a few brief moments looked like a fairy tale ending.

The Beauty was the Nebraska defense.  What an effort.  To think of where Nebraska’s defense was just two years ago and then the  show they put on tonight is amazing.  If every high school kid that dreams of playing defense isn’t thinking about going to Nebraska, then they have no business going to college.  I can’t say enough for the effort of the players, the defensive scheme and of course the great Ndamukong Suh.  In the depths of my sadness right now, I can’t help but smile about the future of the Nebraska defense even without Suh.

Of course, the Beast was the Nebraska offense.  I thought they might just be pretty enough to pull it off late, but settling for field goals leaves a great team like Texas too much wiggle room.  A bad final kickoff sure didn’t help, but there were opportunities to put the game out of reach.  Nebraska just couldn’t pull it off.  Oh, how I hate Texas.  I’ll give myself my 24 hours to mourn and then look forward to a victory over Arizona in the Holiday Bowl and begin to look towards next season.  I hope Julie will do the same even though I know she is in total misery right now.  As the old line goes, basketball just fills the time between football season and spring practice.

I do hope some sort of changes can be made to spark increased offensive output next season.  I hate trying to be a coach.  I’ve been around enough to know that fans really know very little.  But, if I am to dream, those dreams start with the development of a long-term quarterback.  I still hope it will be Cody Green for the next three seasons.  Until signing day, I won’t even speculate on the prospects of their one highly touted quarterback recruit.  If it is still Zac Lee at the helm, I hope his senior year will be one of great progress.  Finding a big short-yardage running back would surely be nice too.

However, it is clear the future of Nebraska will be built around the defense.  Offensive superstars might look to warm climates and the fast tracks of the SEC, Big 12 South or Pac 10, but good defensive players will play anywhere.  I hope many head to Nebraska for years to come.  Bo Pelini has proven he might be a defensive genius.  He had to devote himself fully to that for the last two years.  Now, to prove he can be a great overall coach, a little more offense will mean less of these heart broken post-game posts and more wild unabashed celebrations like I just thought might happen tonight.


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