On Cheerleaders, Dorothy, Toto, Earl and Fat Girlfriends

Football at Texas Tech

Quick follow up on last Friday’s post on traveling throughout the Big 12.

Someone asked, after reading the post, why I spent so much time mentioning cheerleaders on the sidelines.  Attached are two photos from Saturday’s game that I hope will clear up the question.  The dashed line on the sidelines is the line of demarcation for photographers we are not to cross.

As you can see cheerleaders are taking up most of the space along the sidelines.  One photo shows there is plenty of room for the cheerleaders to take a few steps away from the line and be closer to the fans.  Sadly, that just doesn’t happen.  There are a few photographers between the cheerleaders and bench area.  Football at Texas TechI can assure you that they are very limited by the bench crowd.  Working space is getting very, very limited.  Hope that clears up the question.

It was disappointing that more fans weren’t in costume Saturday for Halloween.  I expected many more.  One sure sign you can always count on when Kansas plays on the road is the overused line about Dorothy and Toto “not being in Kansas anymore.”  Football at Texas TechThat surely gets old.  At least one Tech fan took the old cliché to a higher level with his Dorothy costume.

Received this comment from former Capital-Journal and Lawrence Journal-World photographer Earl Richardson – Good stuff. I too loved covering games at A&M. The last time I was there (late 1990s, early 2000s), I took a wrong turn on the way to the field and ended up in a hallway with the A&M team, as they were about to run onto the field. I apologized and tried to leave the hallway, but the team was seconds from running onto the field and a player put his arm around my shoulder and insists that I must run onto the field with them. So, out I go with the Aggies, running through a human tunnel of cheerleaders and students. I look up, and there I am on the jumbotron in the south end zone. I started high-fiving students and cheerleaders. As I get to about the 20-yard line, I break away and head for the sidelines. I see an asst SID. I’m thinking I’m going to get my butt chewed. All he does is smile, shake my hand, and say, “welcome to Texas A&M. How’s that for making you feel at home.”

His “Rudyesque” memory is a perfect example of why photographers are so blessed in life.  Crazy little moments like Earl’s come up all the time.   When we try to tell people about them, it either kills them that things like that don’t happen to them or they just don’t believe us.  Trust me, they are true, and I thank the Lord they are just that.

Earl no longer works full-time as a photographer.  He got smart, went back to school, got a law degree and is now a Lawrence attorney.  Since photographers are always accused of being the lowest form of scum next to lawyers, the move was a short trip for Earl.  Since he is a faithful reader of and commenter on my feeble writing efforts, I assume he could really use a few more cases.

Seriously, I have worked with or alongside Earl as long as any other photographer.  While I have worked with many more acclaimed photographers, Earl would be right there with them.  When he was with the LJ-W, I always knew I had to step up my efforts.

I can assure you the sidelines, the end lines at basketball courts or the photo bays at a Major League baseball games are filled with some of the most competitive people you’ll ever meet.  I love the competition.  I knew I had to be on top of my game, and I thank Earl and others for their challenge.  A portion of Monday is always devoted to photographers checking out papers and web sites to see what others did at games.  Don’t let any photographer try to fool you.  There is some chest pumping when you find you have topped the competition.

Football at Texas TechThere was a lot of discussion this past week about Tech coach Mike Leach’s comments about his players’ “fat girlfriends.”  Leach is crazy funny.  There was way too much over reaction by others.  I’ll get in trouble with Laura over this, but Tech has the best looking coeds in the Big 12 by far.  Anyway, a photograph taken only as “scientific evidence” that they are not all fat.

Finally, GO YANKEES!  One more.


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2 Responses to On Cheerleaders, Dorothy, Toto, Earl and Fat Girlfriends

  1. Earl says:

    Thanks for being so kind. All I can say is I learned a ton from you. I always loved our competition. But more importantly. I love our friendship even more.

  2. Laura says:

    “Tech has the best looking coeds in the Big 12 by far.” Don’t let Jeff fool you, this is really why he didn’t want me to go with him to Lubbock.

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