Alien Spores

nasal-polypsThe thud in the tub.  Something I will never forget.  Looking down at a black, gelatinous blob the size of a half dollar that had just shot out of my left nostril flat freaked me out.  Thank goodness Laura was right there to take a look.  I could never sell this story without an eye witness.

That little event was the lowlight of our recent trip to Boulder.  Part of the rehab from sinus surgery is to irrigate the sinuses at least two to three times a day.  Granted I have honked out some seriously gross stuff since surgery but nothing like I saw Sunday morning while irrigating over our hotel room bathtub.

Turns out the ejected alien spore is exactly what should be happening.  I just wish the doctor had let me know ahead of time.  Yes, blood-drenched mucous blobs are not fun to see, but it sure beats the option of having the doctor probing up my sinuses to suck out the nasty suckers.

Yesterday was my two-week post-op checkup with Dr. Franklin.  Everything looks good and on track despite breaking recovery rules with all my photography duties.  I’ve been cleared to begin running and riding again which is great, especially since I had started both again last week.

Since a few of the small numbers that read these posts regularly are either contemplating or know someone that is contemplating sinus surgery, I have been asked to keep updates posted.

Again, let me say there has been no real pain.  I still have almost all of my Hydrocodone pain pills.  I’m told I could sell them for big bucks to bored Johnson County house wives, but I don’t really need drug trafficking charges on my resume.  It might make it hard to get a “Hello and welcome to Wal-Mart” job during my retirement years.

That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any discomfort or annoyance.  The swelling, drainage and hunks of dried blood have been irritating.  Sleeping for the first time through the night was a momentous event.  Clearly the recovery hasn’t been as fast as I had hoped.  Nevertheless, there has been enough progress now to know that I made the right decision.

There are moments when air seems to gush into my lungs.  I am sleeping more on my right side which was impossible before.  Laura says my breathing at night does seem more calm and relaxed.  Early runs and rides haven’t been great since I lost some fitness even before the surgery since the clotted sinus passages had really started to take a toll.  Yet, I am very hopeful I’ll soon be nose breathing much more during both runs and rides and all the extra oxygen will take these old legs further just a bit faster.

Yesterday, additional septum stitches were removed.  Some short-term pain came with the doctor’s probing the far reaches of my sinuses for additional cleaning.  Dr. Franklin assured me the surgical trauma has eased and that a long and steady recovery has begun.  He cautioned me that it will take six months and even up to a year to fully realize all the benefits.

That’s fine.  Laura is happy my voice should return to normal soon.  I’m happy I can blow my nose again. And, the world is saved from alien spores.


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6 Responses to Alien Spores

  1. Karli says:

    I just had my surgery last Wednesday but they aren’t having me do the nasal irrigation. So no alien blobs for me. Do you have your sense of smell back yet?

  2. Elias says:

    Hi. and also let me say WHOA MAN!
    My sis is going through a decision balloon sinuplasty or sinus surgery?
    I will probably not share the details of your post with her ha, no offense.
    It is good though that your surgery apppears to be working so far.
    Take it easy.

    • jeffjacobsen says:

      Whatever your sister decides, I am sure she benefit. I really am breathing well today. Give her my best. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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