The Best Uniforms Ever

imagesImagine Project Runway 50 years ago.  Heidi comes out and puts forth the latest challenge.  Design uniforms for a new upstart football league called the AFL. Each designer moans and groans how they don’t design for hulking football players.  Each must pull a team out of the velvet bag.  Oilers, Bills, Titans, Chargers, Texans and on an on.  Dashing to Mood to grab their fabric, they all head back to the work room.  The designers have one day to create a look with the winner having their uniform worn by one of the teams.  Tim Gunn stops in to check on progress telling the designers to “make it work” all the while knowing some aren’t even close.

Fast forward to the runway show.  Imagine a model sporting the uniform of the Denver Broncos with the vertical stripped socks you can see on Monday Night Football tonight.  Then imagine another model in the uniform of the San Diego Chargers, the other team playing tonight.  Guess who wins?  Guess who was out?  Is there any doubt, the best uniform then, now and forever will always be the original Chargers lightening bolt look in brilliant baby blue.  I love the Rams helmets, but when it comes to a uniform, give me the old San Diego Chargers every time.  Why in the world would they have ever changed it?

s_gilman_651003_WIDETake a look at the old black and white image.  Sid Gillman coached a wide open offense way back then that was so far ahead of its time that it could compete with any spread offense of today.  The gunslinger at the helm was old #21, John Hadl who threw pass after pass to Lance “Bambi” Alworth.  Again, why no nicknames anymore?  Today, most only remember the new #21, LaDainian Tomlinson.  Just remember this, the Chargers were lighting back then and those uniforms still are.


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One Response to The Best Uniforms Ever

  1. Earl says:

    Yeah, those Bronco throwbacks were hideous. Especially the socks.

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