Savannah’s Video and Organ Donation

A friend sent me the video attached here.  It is important to take four minutes of your time to view it.  Savannah is a young girl that every day is forced to live with her Type 1 Diabetes.  The daily ravages to the body that come from such diabetes are too often overlooked.  Others, through poor lifestyle choices, have elevated other forms of diabetes to epidemic heights.  Their mistakes have marginalized the real problems faced by Type 1’s innocent victims.  Someone like Savannah had no choice.  Yet, each and every day, Savannah and others show us what it means to have the courage to face life’s challenges.  Such stories should not be overlooked.

My friend has a direct connection to Savannah’s story.  He lives his life now with the liver of Savannah’s grandmother.  Without that organ donation, I would have never gotten to know my friend and his wonderful family.  Organ donation is something everyone should consider.  To share is to give light to others.  I can’t think of a better way than through organ donation.  When former KU Athletic Director Bob Frederick passed away in a tragic bicycling accident, Bob shared his light with many even after his passing.  The litany of those helped by his organs and skin grafts was one of the most heartening moments during the memorial service.

I am embarrassed when I think how frustrated I am right now that my sinus surgery recovery hasn’t been as fast and complete as I had hoped.  I am ashamed when I weigh this against the life-long suffering of others.  We all get videos passed on through the internet.  Most go right into our trash.  Please don’t with Savannah’s.  Watch it and pray for her and all those that suffer much worse than you.  Take a moment to give thanks for your blessings.  Then, take out your driver’s license and fill in the donor information on the back.

Thanks Savannah for making me remember all that.


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