Rocktober - The Man's Birthday, Reunion, El PasoToday marks the beginning of the month-long celebration of the life and times of Rocket.  It is Rocktober, and our wonderful dog is celebrating his eighth birthday today.  Since Rocket had been abandoned, a vet estimated Rocket’s age at six months when he came to us.  We selected the first as his birthday.  Rocket has been treated with some of his favorite things today.  He munched all day on a big “Dingo” bone, had an egg mixed into his dinner and now is occupying himself destroying a squeaky animal.

The sound of a squeaker in a stuffed animal sets Rocket off on a mission.  No toy manufacturer can match the determination Rocket brings to the task.  He begins by identifying squeaker(s) location.  The closest seam then comes under attack.  Squeezing the animal in his paws, Rocket will dig with his incisors until the seam opens.  Out comes clump after clump of stuffing.  Finally, the squeaker is extracted and munched until no sound comes forth.  A squeaker once survived for 20 minutes.  Most never make it past five minutes.

Laura found what we hoped would be an interesting challenge at a pet store last night, a cow filled with ten squeakers.  Four of the ten are already out.  Rocket seems actually bored by the simplicity of the task.

About the only thing Rocket missed today was a long run, but he had been out with one of us the two days before.  Sadly, Rocket can’t run as freely day after day anymore.  Labs fight hip problems forcing us to monitor Rocket’s condition closely.  Hopefully, there will be many more runs for us all and many more dead squeakers torn from the innards of helpless toy animals for years to come.

Happy Birthday, Rocket.


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One Response to Rocktober

  1. Kelly says:

    I can’t even begin to say how much I wish I could be there to squeeze and pet Rocket! His ears look extra soft in that picture! I wish him the very best Rocktober!

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