Rock’em Chalk’em Robots


At a party Friday night, Laura and I were asked by many about recent incidents involving the KU football and basketball teams.  While we both know more than we can really say, it is fun, nevertheless, to listen to everyone’s various theories, some close to the truth and some very far fetched.

What I can say is that there is a very simple solution to the problem.  Rock’em Sock’em Robots.  We still have the classic game in our home ready to settle any dispute.  Why not put it to use at KU?

It is not betraying any trust to say that a few players are the keystones to the heated exchanges.  Sit them down and let them go at it.  It surely would be safer trying to “knock the block off” a plastic heavyweight than fighting for real.  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome might be the worst injury.  That would be a lot better than a dislocated thumb or throwing someone down stairs.

Too often people forget that their hopes and dreams for athletic glory for their favorite teams rest with nothing more than “big” children.   Get a kid’s game out and wear them out.  It has worked to settle disputes in our house for a long, long time.


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