In Praise of Great Speech Writing and Oratory


Obama speech writer, Jon Favreau

Please set aside all differences and bitterness that are tied to President Obama’s speech on health care reform for just a few moments.  Let us take the time to rise in praise of Presidential speech writer Jon Favreau and the oratory skills of our President.  If you didn’t see the speech last night or want to listen again, please do so here.

President Obama’s remarkable two-day call to our conscience regarding education and health care reform has sparked unwarranted bitterness and, tragically, a total lack of respect for the office of the President.  The debate will rage on far too long.  Hopefully sound reform will come.

For now, just fast forward to the 45 minute mark of the speech.  Close your eyes and listen to wondrous words delivered so well.  You’ll hear 17 minutes of pure beauty and oratory glory.  On that, only a fool would disagree.

Thank you, Mr. Favreau.  Thank you, President Obama.  Listening was a privilege and a joy.


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2 Responses to In Praise of Great Speech Writing and Oratory

  1. Earl says:

    All the bitterness engendered by President Obama leaves me shaking my head in disgust, causes me to believe that there is no hope for this country. It appears to me that a lot of Republicans are engaged in a mass temper tantrum. A hissy fit if you will. They act as if they’ve somehow been deprived of their “birth right” to govern. They’ve forgotten how a democracy is supposed to work. It seems that we’ve lost our collective mind and the ability to respectfully disagree with each other. I fear this country’s best days are behind it, and it is becoming an ungovernable nation. I certainly hope that I am wrong.

    • jeffjacobsen says:

      I worry about the same. It is a galling time that strikes fear in us all. As my wife says, these people are no different than terrorists. Thanks, Earl. You are a true friend.


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