Kelly Was Back

Jacobsen Family

Kelly came home for a holiday visit.  It sure was fun to see her back in Topeka, even if only for a short time.  Work kept us from seeing her all that much.  However, she didn’t come home to see us anyway.  She came home to see her friends and go to all her favorite spots.  We attended church together and ate brunch and then took her back to airport on Monday.

Kelly’s visit split her internship in half.  She has three more months working for the League of Conservation Voters. The Senate has returned from their summer recess and all of LCV’s efforts go towards the passage of the American Clean Energy & Security Act.  The Act which passed the House in June, would spark American ingenuity towards new energy sources, help create nearly two million new jobs and make the U.S. a global leader in clean energy.   With unemployment reaching a high of 9.7% last month, more than the air we breathe would benefit.

Kelly gets very excited when she talks about such work.  Outside of me, the family gets weary of all the political conversation, as do most Americans.  Yet, I do believe that young people like Kelly are our hopes for a better America. The political process can be confusing and so frustrating.  It is hard to accept the compromises that effect every piece of legislation as it makes its way through the House and Senate.  Yet, young people still see the hope and dream of a better future.  More and more are taking an active role again for positive change.

Sadly, for many others those hopes and dreams have been replaced by fear.  They have been prayed upon by hate-mongers intent on bewildering to the point that any personal thought becomes meaningless.  In the midst of that confusion, important legislation like the Clean Energy Act or a truly comprehensive health care plan are either lost or diluted to the point of insignificance.

Kelly, alone, cannot make changes.  Yet, I applaud the efforts of everyone like Kelly who are willing to really try.  I pray God will be with her, that He will help her truly enjoy her remaining three months in Washington and that He will bring her back to Kansas ready and willing to continue the grand effort.


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