Into the Rapids

Work life since early August has been much like a kayak run.  There have been calm stretches amidst a series of rapids.  Rapids are measured in stages 1 – 6.  Experts who might well be classified “insane” can only negotiate class six.

There have been a few stretches of Class Two and Three rapids for me since teams began reporting back to campus. There haven’t been many quiet times during the week, but the paddling has been negotiable.

Looking just ahead, though, the upcoming weekend is nothing but Class Five.   One kayaking site describes Class Five rapids as, “long and violent rapids that follow each other almost without interruption. River filled with obstructions. Big drops and violent currents. Extremely steep gradient.”  A perfect description of the weekend’s events.


Noon – Volleyball’s home opener vs. Lipscomb in the Jayhawk Invitational.  Quick web site and photo gallery work follows immediately after match.

5PM – Soccer’s home opener vs. Long Beach State.

7 PM – Volleyball vs. Florida International followed by galleries for both soccer and volleyball.  Hoping to be done by midnight.


9 AM – Cross Country’s lone home meet, the Bob Timmons Invitational at Rim Rock north of Lawrence.   Straight back to KU for web work.

1 PM – Volleyball is back on the court vs. Creighton.

6 PM – Football home opener vs. Northern Colorado.  Hoping to leave press box by midnight.


1 PM – Soccer vs. Rhode Island

Kelly is also coming home for the first time in three months and Laura has a family reunion in Oklahoma on Sunday.  Good chance some of these events will also be held in rainy conditions that are never fun for a photographer.

Every year, there is always a moment of doubt at the start of the football season.  Is this the year, I can’t bring it anymore? Is this the year, I grow slow and miss some key moments?  Of course, I have had the same thoughts now for at least 15 years.  I’m ready, and Laura is as well.

We’ll be worn out by weekend’s end, but we will have enjoyed every minute of the wild ride.  That never changes.  The rush is very sweet and addictive.  The satisfaction of a job well done never gets old.  Hope it never does.   Here we go.


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