Thank you, sir.


Sen. Ted Kennedy

Whether you admired or detested, there should be no argument that Sen. Ted Kennedy loved our country and devoted his life to forming “a more perfect Union.” His efforts to bring health care to all Americans, his bi-partisan efforts with Sen. John McCain to reform our immigration laws and his work with President Bush on the “No Child Left Behind” initiative exemplify his profound belief “that all men are created equal.”

No family seemed more blessed or more cursed.  Just the mention of the Kennedy name brings forth strong reaction and emotion.  The famed brothers devotion to service and their dreams for that “perfect Union” represented all the good to which we aspire.  Their personal flaws and failings, represented all our failing that we so revile.

Politics truly is a messy business.  It is no wonder so many turn their backs to the opportunity to take their rightful place in the process.  We ask our elected officials to do this for us, often without thought on our own.  Sen. Kennedy lifted that heavy burden onto his shoulders and did his best.

We live in a country built by men and women so strong in their commitment that nothing could stop their will from helping us fulfill our potential.  Sen. Kennedy was one of those men.  Thank you, sir.


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2 Responses to Thank you, sir.

  1. Kelly says:

    Great post! Senator Kennedy was a great champion for young voters, including championing the act that lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. He’ll be greatly missed. I am sorry he won’t be around to see real health care reform pass.

    Love you much!

  2. Earl says:

    I actually had the opportunity to talk with Sen. Kennedy last year in the airport in Albuquerque. In my short five minutes chatting with him as we waited for ground transportation, he seemed like a a decent, caring human being.

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