Jayhawk Towers RoomsWith school officially starting tomorrow at KU, Laura’s days have become very full.  Wanted to stop by after a morning photo shoot in the renovated Jayhawk Towers and see her.  She has a fancy new office in the equally new Academic Support wing.  (That’s a lot of “new” in one sentence, but there is so much construction going on around here and our church in Topeka, I’ll have to write something about it soon.)

Though Laura was absent, I knew she’d return soon from the looks of her desk.  Perfect chance to crawl under the desk and surprise her.  Didn’t come off quite as well as I had hoped.  Legs stuck out some spoiling the hoped-for surprise.  She has come to expect odd things like this from me anyway.

The point to all this is that I wanted to wish her well and let all of you know how dedicated Laura is to her 100+ student-athletes.  She has 28 new rowers, swimmers and divers to start the school year.  In the next month, that number will grow to 50+ as rowing fills out its novice roster.  She meets with all those newcomers every week.  Everyone in Academic Services knows how important their role is in the new lives of these young people.  Like it or not, they become surrogate parents for most.  Laura’s mood can rise and fall with the ups and downs of each of these collegians as the year roars by.  Working out each semester’s schedule for all these student-athletes is always a very tough time.

It amazes me how well Laura juggles her busy schedule.   Along with her other duties, she photographs so many events for KU in her free time.  Then, on top of it all, she has to deal with me, her biggest challenge.  She does an amazingly great job doing it all.  Here’s hoping she will have a great school year.  All my love, dear.


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